542 - Student Activity Program

Participation in school activities is a privilege.  School activities provide the benefits of promoting additional interests and ability in the students during their school years and for their lifetime.

Students, may participate in interscholastic athletics, music, speech, and other contest or events approved by the administration subject to the rules and regulations which govern participation in general for each event or contest.  Any such events must be supervised by a licensed employee.

The District is affiliated and pays dues as a member or organizations such as Iowa FFA Association, Iowa State Music Association, Iowa State Speech Association, Iowa High School Athletic Association, the Iowa High School Girls' Athletic Union, and the Iowa Association of Student Councils.  The District is, therefore, subject to all the rules and regulations of these associations and the Department of Education.

Student activity events must be approved by the Superintendent unless they involve unusual travel expense, in which case the Board will take action.  The events must not disrupt the education program or other District operations.

A high school student who participates in school sponsored athletics may participate in a non-school sponsored sport during the same season with written approval of the Superintendent, high school principal, and athletic director.  This allowance is with the understanding that the school-sponsored team participation takes precedence over the non-school team participation.  Such outside participation will not conflict with the school sponsored athletic activity. The determination of whether a non-school sponsored sport conflicts with a school sponsored athletic activity shall be determined by the supervising coach. 

If a student misses a school practice or competition due to the non-school athletic participation, the student is subject to disciplinary action by the coach/sponsor in charge of that sport.

Students wanting to participate in school activities must meet the requirements set out by the school district for participation in the activity.


REVIEWED: 11/18/2019 - APPROVED 12/03/2019

REVISED: 02/05/2021 – APPROVED 03/15/2021

REVIEWED: 05/15/2023