423 - School Volunteers

The Board encourages the use of community resources and citizens to assist in furthering the educational program of the District   Volunteers are an essential and valuable component of the District’s mission to provide a high quality education to its students.

The District encourages the use of volunteers to:

  • Support and enhance the District’s programs.
  • Enrich the District’s curriculum and broaden student learning opportunities.
  • Assist students of varying abilities.
  • Provide students with individual attention.
  • Provide employees with more time to work with students.

All volunteers must adhere to volunteer guidelines outlined by the District and the attendance center in which they serve.  Any volunteer who works directly with students or assists staff on a regular basis; who supervises and/or chaperones students or who acts as a primary authority figure must complete District volunteer information and disclosure statements and submit to a background check.

Volunteers will serve under the direct supervision of staff members.

Volunteers will comply with all District rules and regulations and the law.



REVIEWED: 11/18/2019 - APPROVED 12/03/2019
REVIEWED: 02/08/2021 – APPROVED 03/15/2021
REVIEWED: 04/11/2022