421 - Substitute Teachers

The Board recognizes the need for substitute teachers.  Substitute teachers will be licensed to teach in Iowa.

It is the responsibility of the building principal to maintain a list of substitute teachers who may be called upon to replace regular contract licensed employees.  Individuals whose names do not appear on this list will not be employed as a substitute without specific approval of the Superintendent.  It is the responsibility of the building principal to fill absences with substitute teachers immediately.

Substitute teachers will provide a copy of their teaching certificate and transcripts to the Board Secretary to be placed in their personnel file.

Payment of substitute teachers shall be based on the following provisions:

  1. Substitute teachers shall be paid for their services at a daily rate set by the Board annually.
  2. A long-term substitute teacher is defined as a substitute for ten (10) consecutive days for a specific teacher.  The long-term substitute teacher will be paid the per diem rate of 1/190th of the 1 BA lane of the current salary schedule beginning with the first day of service.  The long-term substitute teacher will assume all duties including, but not limited to, curriculum development, instructional planning, and unit development along with regular teaching duties.
  3. Substitute teachers do not qualify for sick leave, other leaves or insurance.  However, if a long-term substitute teacher is absent due to illness, the substitute will not be paid for those days, but the substitute teacher’s measure of consecutive days worked can be maintained at the Superintendent’s discretion.
  4. Payments made to substitute teachers will be subject to all legally required withholdings.



REVIEWED: 11/18/2019 - APPROVED 12/03/2019
REVIEWED: 02/08/2021 – APPROVED 03/15/2021
REVIEWED: 04/11/2022