313 - Administrator Contract and Contract Nonrenewal

The length of the contract for employment between an administrator and the Board will be determined by the Board and stated in the contract.  The contract will also state the terms of the employment.

The first three (3) years of employment of a newly employed administrator shall be considered a probationary period.  The probationary period may be extended for an additional year upon the consent of the administrator.  In the event of termination of a probationary or non-probationary administrator, the Board shall afford the administrator appropriate due process.  The administrator and Board may mutually agree to terminate the administrator’s contract.

If an administrator’s contract is not being renewed by the Board, the contract will be extended automatically for additional one year periods beyond the end of its term until it is modified or terminated as mutually agreed to by the parties or until the administrator’s contract is terminated consistent with statutory termination procedures

It is the responsibility of the Superintendent to create a contract for each administrative position.

Administrators who wish to resign, to be released from a contract or to retire, must comply with Board policies regarding the areas of resignation, release or retirement.



REVIEWED: 11/18/2019 - APPROVED 12/03/2019
REVIEWED: 09/20/2021