230 - Attendance at National Meetings/Conventions

After the Board determines that attendance at a national meeting or convention could be of benefit to the operation of the Board, the professional growth of an individual Board member, the District in general, and/or its students, the following procedures will be adhered to:

1.  Attendance shall be limited to two (2) Board members per national meeting/convention and individual members can attend no more than twice during their four-year term of office.  It is recommended that the Board President and Vice President attend each year unless they have previously attended a like meeting/convention during their four-year term of office.  When this occurs other Board members shall have the opportunity to attend on a rotating basis within the above guidelines.  During each member’s four-year term of office, it is recommended that they attend at least one such meeting/convention.

2.   After a decision has been made to attend and which members will be attending, a pre-convention meeting prior to departure will be held.  The purpose of such a meeting will be to examine the meeting/convention program in detail to determine which sessions to attend, what specific information to look for, and/or any specific questions/problems for which to seek solutions/possible alternatives.

3.   Each member shall make a formal report to the full Board upon return from the meeting/convention. It is suggested that the members attending such meetings/conventions compile a notebook to aid in reporting to the Board and for future reference.

4.   The costs to be reimbursed and/or allowed at District expense include; transportation, meals, lodging, applicable materials and/or equipment purchased, and tips.  No expenses shall be allowed/approved for friends or family who accompanied the Board members to the meeting/convention.  Receipts and vouchers shall be required prior to reimbursement and it is suggested that Board members keep a record of their expenses incurred while attending such meeting/convention.

5.   Entertainment, side trips, and other expenses incurred during free time will not be reimbursable by the school district to the Board members.

6.   In unusual or special circumstances the Board may waive the numbers limitation on members attending a particular convention.



REVIEWED: 11/18/2019 - APPROVED 12/03/2019
REVIEWED: 05/17/2021