213 - Board Minutes and Records

The Board will keep and maintain permanent records of the Board including, but not limited to, records of the minutes of Board meetings and other required records of the Board.

A complete and accurate set of minutes of each regular and special Board meeting shall be kept to comply with all legal requirements.  Minutes of all of the regular meetings of the Board shall be kept showing the time, date, and place, the members present, action taken, the vote of each member, and the schedule of bills allowed will be attached. 

Minutes leading to a closed session shall include the vote of each member on the question of holding the closed session and the reason for the closed session, but the statement of such reason need not state in the minutes the name of any individual or the details of the matter discussed in the closed session.

This information will be available within two (2) weeks of the Board meeting and forwarded to the newspaper designated as the official newspaper for publication.  The information does not need to be published within two (2) weeks.  The schedule of bills allows may be published on a once monthly basis in lieu of publication with the minutes.  A copy of the minutes shall be sent to each member of the Board before the next regularly scheduled meeting.

Minutes shall be kept in an official record book specified for that purpose and shall be kept on file as the official record of legislation of the District and shall be open to public inspection.  Examination of the official record book by any citizen or group of citizens must be made at the location where the District maintains the records and under the jurisdiction of the Board Secretary.

A complete and accurate set of minutes will be made of each meeting and/or session of the Board as is required by law.  A complete and accurate set of minutes and complete audio recordings will be made of each closed session of the Board as required by law.  The Board Secretary will be custodian of the minutes and audio recordings from a closed session, which shall be maintained as required by law.



REVIEWED: 11/18/2019 - APPROVED 12/03/2019
REVIEWED: 01/18/2021