207 - Board Vacancies

A vacancy occurs as provided by law, which includes, but is not limited to, when a Board member dies, resigns or leaves office or fails to reside in the District or director district.

If a vacancy occurs prior to the expiration of a term of office, the vacancy will be filled by Board appointment within thirty (30) days of the vacancy.  The Board shall publish notice stating the Board intends to fill the vacancy by appointment, but the electors of the District have the right to file a petition requiring the vacancy be filled by a special election.

A person appointed to fill a vacancy shall hold office until a successor is elected and qualified at the next regular school election, unless there is an intervening special election for the District, in which event a successor shall be elected at the intervening special election.

If the Board is unable to fill a vacancy by appointment within thirty (30) days after the vacancy occurs of if a valid petition is submitted, the Board Secretary will call a special election to be held no sooner than sixty (60) days and not later than seventy (70) days after the vacancy occurred.  A Board member elected at the special election will serve the remaining portion of the unexpired term.



REVIEWED: 11/18/2019 - APPROVED 12/03/2019
REVIEWED: 11/16/2020