Board Minutes - 2023.06.26

June 26, 2023


The Eddyville-Blakesburg-Fremont Community School District Board of Directors met at the district office on Monday, June 26, 2023, at 5:30 pm for a special board meeting. Visitors in attendance: Ann Ohms and others not signed in.


Special Board Meeting: Call to Order – Establish Quorum: President Houk called the special board meeting to order at 5:30 pm.  Roll call: Eric Klyn, present; Rena Shepherd, present via Zoom; Lara Vandello, present; Micah Van Mersbergen, present; Doug Brinegar, present; Mark Haselhuhn, present; and Curt Houk, present. Quorum established.


Approve Agenda: Brinegar motioned and Van Mersbergen seconded to approve the agenda.  Motion carried unanimously.


Motion to Recess: Van Mersbergen motioned and Vandello seconded to recess and move to a Private Contract Termination Hearing Exempt from Iowa Code Chapter 21 pursuant to Iowa Code Section 279.16.  Roll call vote: Klyn, yes; Shepherd, yes; Vandello, yes; Van Mersbergen, yes; Brinegar, yes; Haselhuhn, yes and Houk, yes.  Motion carried unanimously.  Board recessed at 5:33 pm


Board reconvened special meeting at 12:55am.


Action on Continuance or Termination of Teaching Contract (Iowa Code Section 279.16(8)). Brinegar motioned and Haselhuhn seconded to reinstate Ag teacher/FFA advisor with a letter of reprimand for her personnel file and for one year to be closely monitored by her immediate supervisor.  Small discussion.  Brinegar motioned to amend his original motion to include that the board committee recently created will meet with Mrs. Appel and Mr. Noble quarterly.   Motion to amend original motion carried with 5 ayes and 1 nay. Roll call vote on amended recommendation: Klyn, yes; Vandello, yes; Van Mersbergen, no; Shepherd, yes; Brinegar, yes; Haselhuhn, yes and Houk, no.  Motion carried. 


Adjourn:  Brinegar motioned and Vandello seconded to adjourn board meeting. Motion carried unanimously. Meeting adjourned at 1:10 am.






Curt Houk                                                        Mary McCrea

Board President                                                 Board Secretary