Board Minutes - 2023.04.27

April 27, 2023


The Eddyville-Blakesburg-Fremont Community School District Board of Directors met at the district office on Thursday, April 27, 2023, for a special board meeting. Visitors in attendance: Ann Ohms, J Van Zante and others not signed in.


Special Board Meeting: Call to Order – Establish Quorum: President Houk called the special board meeting to order at 6:01 p.m. Roll call: Eric Klyn, present; Rena Shepherd, present; Lara Vandello, present via phone call; Micah Van Mersbergen, present; Doug Brinegar, present; Mark Haselhuhn, absent; and Curt Houk, present. Quorum established.


Termination of Probationary Teacher: Superintendent Williamson recommended the termination of Pieter Appel, probationary teacher. Brinegar motioned and Van Mersbergen seconded to accept the termination of Pieter Appel. Discussion was held where it was asked if there was any other way this could be handled, such as a severe reprimand or write up. Unfortunately, the administration feels this is an ethics violation and the district cannot condone this behavior. The board was also concerned about the length of time that this process took, and the board feels that we could have a hard time getting a replacement for next school year. The amount of time regarding this process was due mostly to negotiations between lawyers and when it became evident that no separation agreement could be made, termination was the next option. One board member spoke of the talent and skill that the district would also be missing out, but another board member pointed out that what was done was against the rules. The board was also concerned about the negative effect this will have on the future employment of Mr. Appel. Superintendent Williamson reiterated that this was why the district was trying to work out a separation agreement. The board then had a few more questions. Would it have mattered if this was a college course or high school course with the answer from Superintendent Williamson that no it would not have mattered.  Superintendent Williamson was asked if he had ever come across this is in time as an administrator with Superintendent Williamson stating that he has never experienced anything like this before. No further discussion. Roll call vote: Klyn, yes; Shepherd, yes; Vandello, yes; Van Mersbergen, yes, Brinegar, no, Haselhuhn, absent and Houk, yes. Motion carried.



Adjourn:  Brinegar motioned and Vandello seconded to adjourn board meeting. Motion carried unanimously. Meeting adjourned at 6:14 p.m.






Curt Houk                                                        Mary McCrea

Board President                                                 Board Secretary