Board Minutes - 2023.03.20

March 20, 2023


The Eddyville-Blakesburg-Fremont Community School District Board of Directors met at the EBF Jr/Sr High Library on Monday, March 20, 2023 at 6:00 pm for a regular board meeting. Visitors in attendance: Ann Ohms, Amy Brink, Ashlee Snakenberg, Bri Batterson, Jeromey Middlesworth, Larae Middlesworth, Misty Eissens, Barb Krusemark, Nathan Hinton, Logan & Reagan More, Chase Brinegar, Janet Brinegar, Bobbi Kerby, Taylor Kerby, Jaylene Vroegh, Dally Orman, Patrick Powers, April Glosser, Tammy Davis, Jil Nelson, Cathy Williamson, Steve Noble, Lori Hugen, Megan Simmons and others not signed in.


Call to Order: President Houk called to order the meeting of the EBF Board of Directors at 6:00 p.m. Roll call: Eric Klyn, present; Rena Shepherd, present; Lara Vandello, present; Micah Van Mersbergen, present; Doug Brinegar, present; Mark Haselhuhn, absent and Curt Houk, present.  Quorum established.


Public Forum: Parents and community members that signed in all wanted to make sure the board was aware that they supported the Agri Power FFA program and would like the current situation settled.  They are concerned with upcoming fair seasons and the guidance needed for entries.  Chase Brinegar spoke again about the need for a second agriculture teacher. Jaylene Vroegh, Dally Orman and Taylor Kerby wanted to update the board on upcoming activities with Agri Power FFA.  March 22nd there will be a FFA meeting regarding the upcoming mattress sale at 6:00, the State FFA Convention is April 16 to April 18, the annual banquet will be held April 28th and there will be a pig and goat show on May 6th and 7th.


Correspondence:  The board received thank you cards from the family of Rob Williamson and Marcene Carlson.  The board also received a flier regarding climate engineering.


Approve Agenda: Brinegar motioned and Vandello seconded to approve the agenda. Motion carried unanimously.


Reports: Superintendent Williamson discussed new money workbook for FY24, tentative final budget, and discussed upcoming capital projects that could start as soon as summer of 2024. April Glosser, Curriculum Director, discussed the District Career and Academic Plan, the JHHS Schedule for SY2024, Learning Walks, upcoming professional development with Jason Andrews of Solution Tree, Mike Donohue, ISASP Testing coming up, selection of Into Reading as the new elementary curriculum and the summer school schedule. Steve Noble, principal at the Jr/Sr High school acknowledged the Top 5% from the 2023 EBF graduating class, they are: Elizabeth VanUtrecht, Madelyn Waldren and Aliveah Brinegar.  They will be honored at the South Central Conference Top 5% banquet on March 21st.  Mr. Noble also updated the board on parent-teacher conferences, class scheduling for next school year has begun. The Choices Matters program was delivered to students in grades 9-12 on Feb 28th and Mike Donahue’s last meetings with staff, students and parents were on March 6th & 7th.  Tammy Davis, principal at Blakesburg Elementary gave the combined elementary principal’s board report and informed the board that ISASP testing will begin the week of March 27th and that parent-teacher conferences had a 95% to 97% attendance in the elementary buildings. Upcoming dates to remember are: Blakesburg Elementary’s community service day is April 14th, Blakesburg Family Fun Night is April 21st, Eddyville Elementary’s PTO Spring Carnival is March 25th and a mother-son bowling event sponsored by Fremont Elementary’s L.I.K.E. committee April 2nd at the Statesmen Lanes in Oskaloosa.  Cathy Williamson, Director of Special Services, gave her update on Support for Students Exposed to Trauma training, school safety checks, a new visitor management system, collection of data to determine if there is a need for a third classroom at that Explore Academy, and the Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design training that was attended by herself, Steve Noble, Tony Fenton, Heather Severson, and deputies from Wapello and Mahaska County.  This training is required since we were awarded the STOP Grant.  Other reports submitted, but not read were from the Daycare Director and Nutrition Director.


Consent Items: Van Mersbergen motioned and Shepherd seconded to Consent Items 6a through 6c(iv): February 20, 2023 minutes, account balances as of February 28, 2023 and bills list for March 2023 and school board policies; 533-Fines-Fees- Charges; 534-Student Fee Waiver and Reduction Procedures; 535-Good Conduct Rule and 536-Student Government.  Motion carried unanimously.  Van Mersbergen motioned and Brinegar seconded to approve the second reading of 111-District Vision and Mission Statement.  Small discussion held on how the staff and administrators had input on the previous statement and they did not with this one.  They would like input.  Superintendent Williamson will work with staff to gather input.  Van Mersbergen motioned and Vandello seconded to table the second reading of board policy 111-Distirct Vision and Mission Statement to the May 15th board meeting.  Motion carried unanimously. 


Contracts & Agreements: Vandello motioned and Van Mersbergen seconded to approve the 2023-24 Cooperative Agreement with University of Northern Iowa, the 2023-24 Education Agreement with Morningside College and the April 1, 2023-September 30, 2024 Consulting Service Agreement with IC Group, Inc.  The Cooperative and Education Agreements allow their college students to complete their student teaching with EBF. The Consulting Service Agreement will be paid for with the STOP Grant Funds.  Motion carried unanimously.   


Open Enrollments:  Brinegar motioned and Vandello seconded to accept open enrollments in for Kyla Ann Drije, 10th Grade in from Cardinal and Hattie Jo Shelquist, Kindergarten in from Oskaloosa to Eddyville Elementary and to accept open enrollments out for Becca McSparen, 7th Grade to Clayton Ridge.  Small discussion held on the number of students open enrolling out.  Motion carried unanimously.


Personnel:  Shepherd motioned and Brinegar seconded approve the following hires: Morgan Wells, Para Educator at Eddyville Elementary; Linda Taylor, part-time secretary for Home School Assistance Program; Triston Rew, Jr/Sr High Social Studies Teacher; Paula Richards, Jr/Sr High Strat II Teacher;

Jeff Whitehall, Head Football Coach; Jess Riley, Assistant Football Coach; Ryan Jackson, Assistant Football Coach; Michael Pilcher, Jr High Football Coach; Tyler Ford, Jr High Football Coach, Gladys Genskow, Head Volleyball Coach, Robin Taylor, Assistant Volleyball Coach, Kiera MacPherson, Jr High Volleyball Coach and Kevin Huck, Head Cross Country Coach.  Motion Carried unanimously.  Vandello motioned and Van Mersbergen seconded to accept the resignations of Theresa DeWitt, Blakesburg Elementary Para Educator, effective March 10th; Ashley Wilson, Eddyville Elementary Para Educator, effective March 10th; Alexander Holt, Social Studies Teacher at Jr/Sr High effective at the end of the 2023 school year; Lisa Strausser, Assistant Cheer Coach; Jody Eveland, Elementary Custodian, effective March 10th and Michele Roach, Bus Driver, effective at the end of the 2023 school year.  Small discussion on why staff left and if leaving mid-year posed any problems with payroll. Motion carried unanimously.     


Action Items: Brinegar motioned and Van Mersbergen second to approve the updated 2022-2023 School Year Calendar to include the make-up days.  Students will be making up days on the following days: April 10th (1:00 dismissal), April 24th (1:00 dismissal), May 30th, May 31st and June 1st (1:00 dismissal).  Motion carried unanimously.  Brinegar motioned and Vandello second to approve the Kognito Software Quote.  This software will be used for required online training that will be available to staff members, students and the community and will be purchased with STOP Grant funds.  Motion carried unanimously. Secretary McCrea restated the tabled motion from the February 10, 2023 board meeting for the Budget Guarantee Resolution.  Brinegar motioned and Shepherd seconded to approve the Budget Guarantee Resolution. Discussion was held on what this resolution will have on the tax rate for the district.  Board would like to see an adjustment in another fund, such as Management, to keep the tax rate to the same tax rate as FY23.  Roll call vote: Klyn, yes; Shepherd, yes; Vandello, yes; Van Mersbergen, yes; Brinegar, yes, Haselhuhn, absent and Houk, yes.  Motion carried unanimously. 


Discussion Items: Discussion was held on the status of training for emergency situations in all school buildings.  The board would like to see even more movement on this.  Superintendent Williamson shared with the board results of a survey he sent regarding in district transfers.  Some of the responses stated the they had more than one elementary building, but they were grade driving and not by town, meaning that they would have PK to 3 in one building and 4-6 in a different building.  The districts that did have similar elementary set up like EBF, stated that they would treat each request individually as they were presented to them.  Superintendent Williamson recommended the board have a work session in April to discuss allowing this for resident students only.  Another topic for the work session would be donations received for the food service program.  The district has been approached by some churches and individuals wanting to donate and we should have protocol on how to apply these funds to negative accounts.  Superintendent Williamson gave a brief update on the Eddyville Childcare Centers finances and would like the board to think about if they feel an increase in rates is needed for next year.  Activities Director, Curt Johnston, then addressed the board regarding girls wrestling.  With girls wrestling now sanctioned by the state, he would like to see about hiring a girls wrestling coach.  Board scheduled a work session for Monday, April 10th to discuss many of these topics.  Open positions are: Custodian at Eddyville-Elementary (11:00 am to 7:00 pm); Regular Route Driver; Child Care Associate; Substitutes for all positions; Coaching or Supplemental Positions: Girls Head Golf Coach; Jr High Track Coach (2); 9th Grade Softball Coach; Jr High Baseball Coach; Jr High Softball Coach (2); and the openings for the 2023-2024 School year: Special Education Teacher - Jr/Sr High; Secondary Math Teacher - Jr/Sr High; Coaching or Supplemental Positions: Assistant Football Coach; 9th Grade Volleyball Coach; Jr High Cross Country Coach; Jr High Volleyball Coach; and Assistant Cheer Coach. 


Adjourn:  Brinegar motioned and Vandello seconded to adjourn board meeting.  Motion carried unanimously.  Meeting adjourned at 7:58 p.m.





Curt Houk                                                        Mary McCrea

Board President                                                 Board Secretary