Board Minutes - 2021.09.20

September 20, 2021


The Eddyville-Blakesburg-Fremont Community School District Board of Directors met at the district
office on Monday, September 20, 2021 for a regular board meeting. Visitors in attendance: Steve Noble,
Cathy Williamson, April Glosser, Jil Nelson, Tammy Davis, James Fineran, Pieter Appel, Cammie
Richards, Matt Thompson and others not signed in.

Regular Board Meeting: Call to Order - Establish Quorum: President Brinegar called the regular
board meeting to order at 6:00 p.m. Roll call: Dave Friedman, Rena Shepherd, Mike Mayberry, Doug
Brinegar, Patrick Powers, Patti Maloy and Mark Haselhuhn present. Quorum established.

Presentation - Indian Hills: Matt Thompson, President of Indian Hills Community College, presented
on a bond referendum for IHCC that is on the ballot this November 2nd. Mr. Thompson went over the
improvements that the funds will be used for all of their locations. Anyone that would like to discuss
further with Mr. Thompson may call him at 515-520-7012.

Correspondence: None

Approve/Amend Agenda: Shepherd motioned and Friedman seconded to approve agenda. Motion
carried unanimously.

Reports: Superintendent Williamson discussed enrollment trends and 5-year financial information. April
Glosser, Curriculum Director, updated the board on the new math curriculum, Character Strong and
upcoming professional development that teachers and staff will be attending. Steve Noble, Principal at
the Jr/Sr High, explained to the Board about Rocket Time and stated the students and staff were getting
ready for Homecoming, which is set for October 8th. James Fineran, Principal at Fremont Elementary,
gave the elementary principal’s report and updated the board on happenings at all the elementary
buildings. Cathy Williamson, Director of Special Services, gave an update on the beginning of the year
professional development and the Explore Academy. Other reports submitted, but not read, were from
the Activities, Daycare, Maintenance and Nutrition directors.

Consent Items: Powers motioned and Friedman seconded to approve the Consent Items: August 2, 2021
and August 16, 2021 Board Meeting Minutes; Financial Reports as of August 30, 2021; September’s
Bills; Review of School Board Policies: 3.12 Administrator Qualifications, Recruitment, and
Appointment, 3.13 Administrator Contract and Contract Nonrenewal, 3.14 Administrator Salary and
Other Compensation, 3.15 Administrator Duties; Contract/Agreements: De Vries Counseling &
Consulting, PLLC, and Morningside Education Agreement, Open Enrollment in of Oliver Gustafson,
Kindergarten from Ottumwa to Blakesburg Elementary, Gillian Baxter, Kindergarten from Ottumwa to
Blakesburg Elementary, Georgia Smith 6th Grade, family moved, staying at Eddyville Elementary,
Paisley Smith 4th Grade, family moved, staying at Eddyville Elementary, Rayley Graham, Kindergarten,
from Oskaloosa to Eddyville Elementary, Fiadh Mills, Kindergarten, from Oskaloosa to Home School,
Kade Houser, Kindergarten from Oskaloosa to Fremont Elementary, Ridge Mittag, Kindergarten from
Oskaloosa to Eddyville Elementary, Dylan Reed, Kindergarten from Pekin to Fremont Elementary, and
Open Enrollment out Draystin Eddy, 10th Grade to Oskaloosa, Ana Boosalis, 8th Grade family moved
and staying at Oskaloosa, and Alekos Boosalis, 6th Grade family moved and staying at Oskaloosa.
Motion carried unanimously.

Personnel: Shepherd motioned and Mayberry seconded to approve the following hires: Cindy Nichols,
Cook at the Jr/Sr High School, Diana Rust, Cook at the Eddyville Elementary, Logan Collett, Part-time
Custodian for the Therapeutic Classroom, Troy Schutt for Fall Play Director, Garrett Scharff, Cook at the

Jr/Sr High School, Tom Hallgren, Head Baseball Coach, Alex Ashman, Assistant Baseball Coach, Tony
Fenton, Head Softball Coach, Alexis Kauzlarich, 9th Grade Softball Coach and Kiley Lobberecht, Junior
High Girls Basketball Coach. Motion carried unanimously. Friedman motioned and Shepherd seconded
to approve the following resignation: Stacie Etcher, Junior High Softball Coach and Holly Bogatzke,
Fremont Library Para Educator. Motion carried unanimously. Superintendent Williamson addressed the
board regarding Archery prior to board action on volunteers. Superintendent Williamson had spoken to
NASP and the school district is just recognizing the archery program and does not financially support
team, nor does the district have any participation in how the archery program is ran. Mayberry motioned
and Shepherd seconded to approve the following volunteers: Nick Schmitz, Archery, Katie Smith,
Archery, Amy Van Genderen, Archery, Calvin Van Genderen, Archery, Jenny Van Zante, Archery,
Kendell Strausser, Archery, Jessica Nollen, Archery, Rylie Lathen, Archery, Jatin Moore, Archery and
Kylie Lobberecht, Junior High Volleyball. Motion carried unanimously.

Action Items: Friedman motioned and Shepherd seconded to approve the SBRC Request for
Supplemental Allowable Growth for the Special Education Deficit of $160,425.87. Roll Call Vote:
Friedman, Aye, Shepherd, Aye, Mayberry, Aye, Brinegar, Aye, Powers, Aye, Maloy, Aye and
Haselhuhn, Aye. Motion carried unanimously. Superintendent Williamson recommended to the board an
increase for substitute teacher pay to $130 a day. Friedman motioned and Mayberry seconded to approve
an increase of substitute teacher pay to $135 a day. Discussion held. Friedman amended motion to
include $67.50 substitute teacher pay for half day. Motion carried with 6 ayes and 1 nay. Superintendent
recommended the approval of the 2021-2022 fundraisers, with the addition of a golf tournament for the
wrestling team. Maloy motioned and Shepherd seconded to approve the fundraisers with the addition of
the wrestling golf tournament. Motion carried unanimously. Haselhuhn motioned and Powers seconded
to approve the FFA request to attend the National Convention in Indianapolis, IN in October. Motion
carried unanimously. Powers motioned and Haselhuhn seconded to approve the Safety Equipment
Purchase Board Resolution 2021.2 in the amount of $2,625.10. Motion carried unanimously.

Capital Projects: Superintendent Williamson informed the board that Denovo will present assessments
to the board at the October and November regular board meetings.

Discussion Items: Discussion was held regarding the possibility of increasing the starting wage for the
nutrition staff as well as pursuing a food service management company. Superintendent Williamson also
informed the board that at this time he was not recommending a mask mandate for EBF. A plan is being
put in place for home school students receiving a high school diploma. Currently EBF only has practices
and Superintendent Williamson will have protocols in place for board approval soon.

Open Positions: Jr/Sr High Social Studies Teacher, Fremont Elementary Library Para Educator, Activity
Route Driver, Childcare Associate, the following coaching positions: Individual Speech, Jr High Football,
Assistant Boys Basketball, Jr High Boys & Girls Basketball, Head Wrestling, Assistant Wrestling, Jr
High Wrestling, Jr High Track, Jr High Baseball and Jr High Softball.


Adjourn: Friedman motioned and Mayberry seconded to adjourn the meeting.  Motion carried unanimously. 
Meeting adjourned at 7:29 p.m.