Board Minutes - 2021.08.16

August 16, 2021


The Eddyville-Blakesburg-Fremont Community School District Board of Directors met at the district
office on Monday, August 16, 2021 for a regular board meeting. Visitors in attendance: Steve Noble,
Cathy Williamson, April Glosser, Jil Nelson, Tammy Davis, James Fineran, Michele Ratliff and others
not signed in.

Regular Board Meeting: Call to Order - Establish Quorum: Vice President Shepherd called the
regular board meeting to order at 6:00 p.m. Roll call: Dave Friedman, Rena Shepherd, Mike Mayberry,
Patrick Powers, Patti Maloy and Mark Haselhuhn present. Doug Brinegar absent. Quorum established.

Correspondence: None

Approve/Amend Agenda: Mayberry motioned and Friedman seconded to approve agenda. Motion
carried unanimously.

Reports: Superintendent Williamson discussed ESSER III funding and EBF’s Return to Learn plan for
the 2021-2022 school year. New Iowa Code section 280.31 does not allow school districts to issue mask
mandates, therefore EBF will not mandate masks for the 2021-2022 school year. April Glosser,
Curriculum Director, went over IS ASP Data with the board and discussed strategies that have been
implemented to help student’s learning. Steve Noble, Principal at the Jr/Sr High, went over final staffing
assignments at the high school. James Fineran, Principal at Fremont Elementary, updated the board on
enrollment and building improvements at each elementary. Cathy Williamson, Director of Special
Services, gave updates on finalized rosters, curriculum and professional development. Other reports
submitted, but not read, were from the Maintenance and Daycare directors.

Consent Items: Prior to a motion to approve consent items, Superintendent Williamson spoke to the
board regarding the open enrollment boundaries that the board adopted in 2018 and if there could be a
committee of two board members and the superintendent to meet and discuss special open enrollment
requests. Friedman motioned and Powers seconded to approve the recommendation of open enrollment
committee with the Consent Items: July 19, 2021 Board Meeting Minutes; Financial Reports as of July
31, 2021; August’s Bills; Review of School Board Policies: 3.8 Superintendent Salary & Other
Compensation, 3.9 Superintendent Professional Development, 3.10 Administrative Cabinet, 3.11
Administrative Positions; Contract/Agreements: Hamilton Produce Company for LP, and the Therapeutic
Classroom Consortium Agreement, Open Enrollment in of BellaMae Zook, 2nd Grade from Ottumwa to
Fremont Elementary, Oliver Gustafson, Kindergarten from Ottumwa to Blakesburg Elementary, and
Open Enrollment out of Draystin Eddy, 10th grade to Oskaloosa and Cason Walker, 8th grade to CAM.
Motion carried unanimously.

Personnel: Maloy motioned and Friedman seconded to approve the hires of Larae Middlesworth, Cook at
the Jr/Sr High School and Pieter Appel for College Credit Welding / Ag Mechanical CTE, pending
approval from BoEE and the resignations of Tabetha Meyers, Para Educator at Fremont Elementary and
John Thompson, Individual Speech supplemental contract. Motion carried unanimously.

Action Items: Powers motioned and Maloy seconded to approve the IHCC Contract for Educational
Services. Motion carried unanimously. Powers motioned and Mayberry seconded the purchase of
Chromebooks for students in 3rd grade in the amount of $30,000. Motion carried unanimously.

Friedman motioned and Mayberry seconded to approve ESSER III plan. Motion carried unanimously.
Mayberry motioned and Maloy seconded to approve the COVED Return to Learn Plan. Motion carried
unanimously. Maloy motioned and Friedman seconded to approve the five-year Wapello County Hazard

Mitigation Plan. Motion carried unanimously. Friedman motioned and Mayberry seconded to approve
the new daycare fees. Motion carried unanimously.

Capital Projects: Superintendent Williamson informed the board that Denovo would be meeting with
administrators on Friday, August 20th, and after the meeting would start inspecting the buildings.

Discussion Items: The Board discussed the IASB Convention to be held November 17th & 18th and the
ability to give district years of service awards to all staff. Gifts are allowed per board policy 7.14
Appropriate Use of Public Funds.

Open Positions: Cook at the Jr/Sr High and Eddyville Elementary, Activity Bus Driver, Childcare
Associate, Individual Speech Coach, Head Wrestling Coach, Assistant Wrestling Coach, Assistant Boys
Basketball Coach, Jr High Coaches for Football, Wrestling, Girls & Boys Basketball and Track and
substitutes for all positions.

Adjourn: Power motioned and Friedman seconded to adjourn meeting. Motion passed unanimously.
Meeting adjourned at 7:01 p.m.