730 - Fundraising

Purpose of Fundraising

It is recognized that revenues, beyond that which the District can provide, may be necessary to operate some activity programs at a level desired by students, staff, and the community. In such cases it may be appropriate to allow students who participate in that activity to engage in fundraising efforts. School organizations may sponsor fundraising activities in which products and services are sold to benefit the District programs. Products may also be sold in relation to production by students as part of the educational program. All funds raised by student groups must be accounted for in accordance with District procedures. The District values the participation and support of certain fundraising activities organized and administered through organizations such as parent-teacher organizations and booster organizations. Parent-teacher organizations and booster organizations must follow Board policy on the use of the District’s name/logo and/or other likeness when fundraising.



Fundraising is the selling of a product, providing a service or activity or requesting donations. District fundraising directly funds District programs.

Student organizations are groups that are sponsored by the District and approved by the Board. They are designed to provide opportunities for students to participate, on an individual or group basis, in District and public events. Student organizations are directed or supervised by District staff. Student organizations include athletics, extra-curricular activities, clubs, and classrooms or grade levels.

Charitable/Service Project fundraising shall be limited to unusual or compelling circumstances, shall be for a public purpose and not for an individual student or family, shall be of educational value to students, and must have prior Board approval.

Outside organizations are non-District funded groups such as parent-teacher organizations and booster organizations that provide supplementary support to existing District programs and activities.

Online fundraising and crowdfunding is the use of small amounts of capital from a large number of individuals to finance a project, business venture or to fundraise for a specific cause or charity where individuals donate online to a cause through a second party online service.

Public purpose is addressed in Article III, Section 31 of the Iowa Constitution which states no public money or property shall be appropriated for local or private purposes.  Public money may be spent only for the public benefit.

School activities are Board approved activities such as co-curricular and extracurricular student activities.


Approval of Fundraising Activities

The Board must approve all fundraising requests prior to the start of the fundraising activity. Prior to Board approval, an approved fundraising application form must be completed, submitted to the Athletic Director and Superintendent for approval, and be submitted to the Board Secretary to be submitted to the Board for review and approval.  Applicants may receive questions or requests for revisions during the process and should allow ample time for the review and approval of applications.


Fundraising Guidelines

All fundraisers should be for a public purpose and benefit all members of a school program or activity.  Funds raised should complement, not replace, public funding for education.

The District name, school or organization that is conducting the fundraising shall be accurately and appropriately included on all information that is used as part of the fundraising activity.

All funds accepted by the Board from fundraising activities are considered to public funds and must be used for the public purpose of supporting the educational mission of the District.

It is the responsibility of individuals working with students on fundraising to adhere to all applicable District policies. All students who participate in approved fundraising activities are expected to represent the District, District organizations, and the community in a responsible manner. There should be no door to door sales/solicitations by students for safety reasons.

Fundraising by students for events other than District-sponsored events is not allowed during the District operational hours and District-sponsored events.  Students will not be excused from class to participate in fundraising.

Student participation in fundraising is voluntary. No student will be excluded from an event or program because of non-participation by the student. No student grades will be affected by a student’s participation or lack of participation in fundraising.

No quotas will be imposed upon students involved in fundraising.  Group (class or grade) incentives are the preferred means to motivate and reward students. Incentives purchased for qualifying groups of students from public funds as part of an initiative, program or recognition (e.g., rewards, honor roll) shall be of nominal value and authorized by the school administrator.  Students will not be given gift card, gift certificates or cash as an award for fundraising.

The District discourages fundraisers that sell food. The District will allow those fundraisers that sell food and beverages if it meets state and federal guidelines as determined by the Food Service Director.

The Board strongly suggests that the option to donate, as opposed to participating in a fundraiser, be considered as an option. This option should be considered based on the nature of the fundraiser and timing of the fundraiser.

Collection boxes for District fundraising must have prior approval from the building administrator before being placed on District property. Collection boxes should only be used for non-monetary items.

Student handling of cash should be kept to a minimum. Fundraising activities should discourage giving cash to students.

Checks should be made out payable to the District or outside organization. Checks should never be made out to a District employee or individuals.



REVIEWED: 11/18/2019 - APPROVED 12/03/2019