614 - Physical Education

Students in grades one through twelve are required to participate in physical education courses unless they are excused by the principal of their attendance center.

Students may be excused from physical education courses if the student presents a written statement from a doctor stating that such activities could be injurious to the health of the student or the student has been exempted because of a conflict with the student's religious beliefs, provided the excuse complies with the requirements of federal and state law.  Parents of students requesting such an exemption should file a written request that shall include the basis for the request (i.e. verified health concerns and/or a religious conflict) and a proposed alternative activity or study acceptable to the Superintendent. The Superintendent and/or designee shall have the final authority to determine the alternative activity or study.

Students in grades 9-12 may also be excused from physical education courses if:

  • the student is enrolled in academic courses not otherwise available or
  • the student has obtained a physical education waiver for a semester because the student is actively involved in an athletic program.

Twelfth grade students may also be excused from physical education courses if the student is enrolled in a cooperative, work study or other educational program authorized by the school which requires the student's absence from school.  Students who will not participate in physical education must have a written request or statement from their parents.


REVIEWED: 11/18/2019 - APPROVED 12/03/2019

REVIEWED: 02/19/2024